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Our Guiding Statements

Aim High


Hughesdale Primary School works collaboratively to empower critical, reflective learners. We foster respectful relationships that we underpin with our school’s values and personalised goals. With high expectations, we involve students, staff and the community in a positive and curious pursuit of educational excellence

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Our students should feel empowered as inquisitive, lifelong learners. They will confidently seek to contribute to our evolving global community with integrity, sensitivity and joy.


  1. We are a community of lifelong learners.

  2. Students are at the centre of all that we do.

  3. Research, data and agreed whole of school pedagogy underpins teaching and learning at our school.

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Our Values


At Hughesdale Primary School, we show kindness, empathy and compassion to ourselves and others. We look after and value our school environment, as well as celebrate our individuality.


At Hughesdale Primary School, we are thankful and show appreciation for the opportunities we have to learn and be part of a collaborative community.


At Hughesdale Primary School, we show resilience by managing our emotions and bouncing back. We acknowledge feelings that may challenge us, and actively seek strategies that help us move forward with a positive, growth mindset.

Personal Best:

At Hughesdale Primary School, we take pride in ourselves and everything that we do. We demonstrate our personal best by engaging in every endeavour, no matter how challenging, with a growth mindset. We identify our strengths and establish goals with a focus on ‘where to next?’.


At Hughesdale Primary school, we demonstrate teamwork by collaborating and supporting each other to achieve a common goal. We participate actively by attentively listening, compromising, and putting in our best individual effort to help the team.

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