The Culture Club

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The Culture Club

Erin Wilson

This year at Hughesdale Primary School we have introduced a new specialist subject called ‘The Culture Club’, which complements our Mandarin programme. Levels Two to Six will take part in 6 months of The Culture Club and 6 months of Mandarin, while Foundation and Level One students will participate in the whole year of Mandarin in order to form the essential building blocks in learning another language.


Content is guided by the Victorian Curriculum Intercultural Capability as we enable students to demonstrate an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity within the community; reflect on how intercultural experiences influence attitudes, values and beliefs; and recognise the importance of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity for a cohesive community. This strongly links with the Hughesdale Primary vision to empower our learners to confidently seek to contribute to our evolving global community with integrity, sensitivity and joy.


Students have commenced The Culture Club with excitement. We are learning about many different cultural celebrations/festivals exploring aspects such as food, activities, religions and the associated countries. This gives students the opportunity to share their own cultural backgrounds and experiences while also learning about their peers’. Some of the focus celebrations/festivals includes Lunar New Year, Pesach, Eid al-Fitr, Cinco de Mayo, Dussehra, Ohi Day, Diwali and Hanukkah; this list was derived from the students and their own experiences.


We will also focus on Harmony Week which includes a whole school day based around inclusiveness and accepting diversity; terms that are commonly used in The Culture Club classes.

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