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Physical Education

Physical Education

Aaron Richards

Erin Wilson

Each week, students continue to formally develop fundamental motor skills, a sense of teamwork, enjoyment in physical activity and a respect for umpires and officials during specialist Physical Education sessions. In Foundation, this is known as the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP).

The sequential program from Foundation to Level 6 includes ball handling skills, gymnastics, a comprehensive two-week swimming program at the GESAC indoor-heated pool, athletics, major and minor games.

In Levels 3/4, students engage in an extra hour of organised sport, which teaches children the rules and skills involved in major games such as touch football, baseball, circle-ball, netball, basketball and volleyball. This prepares students for Level 5/6 where the students participate in an Inter-school sport competition.

Bike Education is engaged in during Term 4 by Levels 4 & 5 students, which focuses on safety and the skills required when handling a bike in different situations and conditions. Athletics and swimming competitions/trials are held each year, with children proudly representing the school, district and zone at different levels of the competition.

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