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Natalie Giacotto

Megan Lillingston

Michael Irvine

Morgan Ray

In Foundation, we teach students the fundamentals to succeed in school. In Term 1, we focus on creating a smooth and enjoyable transition from Kinder into school life. We understand the importance of preparing students for change, so we offer an extensive transition program to help students understand what to expect when they begin school. Students will have the opportunity to meet teachers, peers and their wonderful Level 6 buddies prior to the commencement of school.


In Foundation, students learn to read and write, practise their speaking and listening skills and develop their mathematical knowledge through the manipulation of concrete materials, pictorial representation and abstract understandings.


The focus of the wellbeing program in Foundation is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be successful at school; including making new friends, working cooperatively and applying their best efforts towards their learning. Our wellbeing lessons are centred around the Hughesdale values: Resilience, Respect, Gratitude, Personal Best and Team Work.


Highlights of our Foundation year include our 100 Days Celebration and the Early Start to School, as well as a variety of excursions that support the students’ learning.

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