Level 1

Level 1

Sharon Amiet

Belinda Trevaskis

Katrina Dowler

Matt Iaconesso

Erin Wilson

In Level 1 we help to build on and extend what students learned in foundation. We provide our students the opportunity to learn and challenge themselves in all areas of the curriculum.

In reading, we focus on decoding skills that allow students to read with accuracy and fluency. In addition, we emphasise the importance of comprehension and building the students understanding of what they are reading. Students are exposed to a wide variety of texts throughout Level 1, allowing them to discover the types of books they like to read.

In numeracy, students continue to consolidate their understanding of number and are further exposed to a wide variety of mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability, measurement and financial mathematics. Students explore these concepts through a range of hands on and problem solving tasks.


In Writing, Level 1 follow the whole-school approach to writing: the 6+1 traits. This writing approach involves looking at the many aspects of writing: voice, organisation, ideas, conventions, excellent word choice, sentence fluency and presentation. Students use these traits to determine what makes a quality text and to set personal writing goals. Throughout the year students are given the opportunity to practise a range of writing styles and are encouraged to pursue their own writing choices through the use of their own Writers Notebook. 


In our humanities unit students compare and explore their own families to families around the world including their cultures and celebrations. This unit runs in conjunction with our history unit in which students compare the lives of present day families with those from the past. In science, students learn about sound and light and celebrate their learning through designing and making their own noise makers through recycled materials. Students also discover the biological science of animals where they investigate their adaptations within their environment.

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