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Level 2

Level 2

Megan Lillingston
Anne Doan

Ashley Carey
Dani Phillips


In Level 2 we consolidate the fundamentals built in the students’ first two years of schooling.


When reading we continue to focus on decoding skills that allow students to read with accuracy and fluency. In addition, we emphasise comprehension and the many different ways to comprehend a text, including cause and effect, author’s purpose, text features and making connections. By looking at these elements we are able to strengthen students’ literal and inferential understanding.


Hughesdale Primary School has a whole-school approach to writing: the 6+1 traits. This writing approach involves looking at the many aspects of writing: voice, organisation, ideas, conventions, excellent word choice, sentence fluency and presentation. Students use these traits to determine what makes a quality text and set personal writing goals. Through the year, Level 2 students explore writing recounts, narratives, persuasive texts, information reports, letters and procedures.


In Mathematics, we deepen their understanding of the four proficiencies with a focus on articulating the strategies used to solve equations. We also explore different types of number and algebra concepts, measurement, geometry and statistics and probability.


Students enjoy participating in our cross-curricular units. In Term 1 the focus is on Forces and Design and Technology, we then move on to Life Cycles in Term 2, The Water Cycle in Term 3 and we finish off the year studying Australian Landmarks. Throughout these units the students conduct their own research, complete experiments and hands-on activities as well as participate in excursions and incursions to consolidate their knowledge. All cross-curricular units are integrated into Reading, Writing and Maths tasks where applicable.


We offer a broad range of activities to promote student wellbeing using the Hughesdale Values: Respect, Resilience, Personal Best, Team Work and Gratitude. Students also participate in a Level 2 Sleepover as part of our camping program, an important stepping stone prior to Level 3 Camp.


Learning in Level 2 is fun and personalised, and focuses on the whole child.

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