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Level 3

Level 3

Mandy Prokupets

& Sharon Amiet

Kim Black

Belinda Trevaskis

In Level 3, we continue to build upon the fundamental skills taught in the junior years. As students begin their first year of senior school, they are exposed to a range of new opportunities, such as House Athletics, House Swimming, House Cross Country and Camp.

Students in Level 3 investigate a range of different sciences, the importance of Indigenous heritage, cultural understanding and the history of the local area. Level 3 students participate in their first year of standardised testing, NAPLAN.

We work on developing the students’ Digital Technology skills by introducing them to Google Drive and coding, and enhancing their ability to use technology through a variety of different platforms.

We offer a broad range of activities to promote wellbeing by using the Hughesdale Values – Resilience, Respect, Gratitude, Personal Best and Team Work – to build the whole child.


Learning in level 3 is fun and engaging, and uses excursions to integrate students learning into the real world.

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