Level 6

Level 6

Mandy Schmidt

Tom Margary

Rebecca Kharsas

Amy Mulcahy

This semester the Level 6 students have had many unique and exciting experiences. One of the most memorable experiences for the Level 6 students was participating in their production ‘Mate’. Many students wrote scripts for their own skits, choreographed dances or sang songs that reflected the theme of mateship. A few other memorable and exciting experiences some of level 6 students participated in include the Victorian State School Spectacular, Hoop Time, a sustainability excursion and Tree Planting day.

In Science, students have been exploring how microorganisms grow and produce. We conducted several science experiments to assess the best conditions for mould to grow, and explored how the living microorganism ‘yeast’ changed when provided with a food source. Soon, the students will be applying their knowledge of bacteria and food to help them engage in safe food practises when operating their Earn and Learn businesses.

Earn and Learn is a program that links financial mathematics learning through the real-life experience of creating a business. Just like the real world, students learn the harsh realities of how paying rent, wages, bills and tax affect their bottom line. Motivated to make their businesses do well, children will soon become mini entrepreneurs as they learn in a fun way about Profit & Loss, General Ledger entries, Cost of Goods Sold and Advertising Budgets.

In Term 4, students will be engaging in a program called ‘Hughesdale High’. Hughesdale High is a program that aims to prepare the Level 6 students for their upcoming transition into high school. They will follow a brand new timetable, experience new subjects and have different teachers for each subject. We are looking forward to wrapping up a wonderful year with a celebration at Luna Park and a formal Graduation.

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