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Level 6

Level 6

Tom Margary

Matt Iaconesso

Rebecca Kharsas


Our main objective is to create a supportive and stimulating learning environment for your child’s final year of primary education - a year that prepares the students both academically and socially for the challenges of high school.


In Level 6, it is important that the students become independent in their work habits, take more responsibility for themselves and establish excellent homework routines. This will ease their transition from Primary School to Secondary School.


As they are the school leaders, it is imperative that the Level 6s are positive role models. They are expected to set high standards of behaviour and model the values and qualities they have learnt throughout their time at Hughesdale Primary such as kindness and compassion to others, caring for the environment and school grounds, and cooperating in the schoolyard.


There will be many opportunities for the Level 6 students to attain positions of responsibility and improve their leadership skills. The School Captains, House Captains and Specialist Captains have been elected however; there will be other opportunities for all students to take on additional roles this year.


The level 6 cohort will be participating in our daily numeracy sessions, which will be designed to cater for the individual needs of the students and cover all aspects of the Victorian Curriculum. All areas of the curriculum will be thoroughly covered including all aspects of number development including problem solving and mental arithmetic.


Tasks will include a variety of group work and independent tasks. Group work lends itself to building vocabulary and alternative understanding of Numeracy concepts. It is important that your child has automatic response of multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. In class, we use computer software and many interactive games to reinforce these skills. Automatic response will form the foundation in order to build further understanding of complex equations. Opportunities will be provided for students to revise concepts prior to moving on to new content. These revision sessions may take place with another Level 6 teacher.


In Term One, we will look at tessellations. Students will use geometric shapes and investigate various transformations and tessellations to create various Escher Tessellations: a geometric artwork, as well as an enlargement using coordinates for an artwork display. We will then examine Integers where the students will explore composite, square and triangular numbers. We are also reviewing the four operations this term – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


 The Level 6 reading program will heavily focus on strengthening the students’ ability to comprehend literature. Lessons begin with a mini lesson around the Comprehension Strategies before students undertake Independent Reading where they read their own ‘Just Right’ text, track their reading and make entries into their Readers’ Notebooks. During Independent Reading, students have one-on-one conferences with their teachers on a rotational basis setting goals and receiving feedback to their individual point of need. In order for our reading program to be successful, it’s important that each student brings their reading book with them each day. They can have a book at school and home or bring it back and forth.




In 2021, Hughesdale Primary School is developing our whole school approach to teaching writing. We will be using a writing program titled the 6+1 Traits of Writing. The teaching of this program is driven by seven key writing traits including voice, organisation, ideas, conventions, expanding vocabulary, word choice and presentation. Our main writing genre for Term One will be Letter Writing.

Science & Humanities

Our science and humanities topics are heavily integrated into all core areas of learning to streamline the curriculum and make our learning relevant. Level 6 students are introduced to Challenge Based Learning, CBL, which provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world challenges. The framework fuels collaboration between students, teachers, families, and community members to identify big ideas, ask thoughtful questions, and identify, investigate and solve challenges. This approach helps students to gain deep subject area knowledge and develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. In Term One, they will explore government and Australian history.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is an integral part of the school curriculum. This year the Level 6 students will have one to one laptops. This will allow ICT to become embedded in everything we do, encouraging the students to develop their computer skills ready for high school. Our program also places a large emphasis on Online Safety and Digital Citizenship. It is encouraged that parents discuss appropriate use of ICT at home to reinforce the importance and where possible, monitor usage.

Hughesdale High

To help prepare the students ready for high school, in term 4 we run an initiative called ‘Hughesdale High’ which will see the students selecting electives, having an individualised timetable and moving from classroom to classroom to learn from different teachers. A heavy focus will be placed on organisation skills and getting prepared for high school routines.

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