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Mathematics is taught consistently throughout the school in focused one-hour sessions, guided by the Victorian Curriculum and Hughesdale’s Instructional Model. This approach includes:


  • A hook to engage students

  • Lesson focus made explicit through learning intentions

  • Whole class direct instruction and modelling

  • Time for independent deliberate practice, focused teaching groups, partner and group work

  • Feedback provided through one-to-one conferencing

  • Whole class reflection and opportunities to discuss successful strategies and misconceptions


During a mathematics session students will participate in a range of learning situations covering number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. Activities include:


  • The use of manipulatives to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Open-ended, problem solving style learning activities

  • A variety of digital technologies to enhance learning, e.g. computers, interactive whiteboards and mathematical software such as Mathletics


Teachers use a range of ongoing assessment tools to monitor and assess student learning and plan for future teaching

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