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Principal's Message

Principal's Message



Lisa Gough

It is a great privilege to be in the lives of our students and their families as we work to maximise learning opportunities for each and every child. Our Motto, “Aim High”, aptly describes our school’s aspirational goals as we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence, as a community of learners.



We warmly welcome you to Hughesdale Primary School and encourage prospective families to contact us with any questions you may have.



Hughesdale Primary School was established in 1924, and has evolved over nearly a century to be a leading school that prioritises strong community connections and leading learning outcomes for all students.



Our parent community highly values education. It has a strong voice through School Council and through a wide range of formal and informal committees or groups. Parents are engaged in whole school initiatives and through social gatherings that are co-designed to foster strengthened relationships and family connectedness to the school and one another.



Our teachers have a strong commitment to lifelong learning that is fundamental to our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Hughesdale Primary School uses research, whole school approaches and student centred initiatives to model this growth mindset. As a community of learners, we are all engaged in our philosophical approach: “Aim High”



Our students are supported to build friendships, confidence, compassion and intrinsic motivation as they deepen engagement with the curriculum developing personal and social learning, creative and critical thinking, intercultural understanding and ethics. With explicit teaching, our students are actively engaged with the language and tools required to articulate and analyse their learning, set Learning Goals and reflect on “Where to next?”

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

William Butler Yeats

Aim High

Our Motto, “Aim High”, describes our school’s aspirational goals as we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence, as a community of learners.


We have a strong academic focus where students are active and responsible participants in their own learning through a broad range of experiences.


We provide a safe and supportive environment with high expectations, which empowers students to develop into successful 21st century learners.

The following core values reflect the beliefs we hold about how children learn, how our school will operate, and how we relate to one another.


Our Values

Gratitude: feeling and showing thankfulness 

Respect: having regard for self, others and property

Teamwork: collaborating together efficiently as a team

Personal Best: showing and striving for one's best 

Resilience: recovering or bouncing back when things go wrong


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