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Classroom Helpers

Classroom Helpers

Hughesdale Primary School values children’s creativity and imagination and as such, offers a sequential and well-resourced arts program. The following are components of our developed Arts curriculum:


  • The all-encompassing Performing Arts program enhances all aspects of students’ development. Stimulating music, drama and dance activities develop students’ confidence, expression, rhythm, speaking and listening skills. Children gain experience performing publicly at Assemblies, Class Concerts and in Musical Productions.

  • The annual school production is a highlight of Hughesdale Primary School. All students in Level 6 have a role in the impressive full-stage production. Level 3/4 students perform a medley of songs prior to the main performance.

  • Students have the opportunity to participate either the junior or senior choir. The choirs perform numerous times throughout the year and are enjoyed by the wider school community.

Choir and optional music lessons

  • Hughesdale Primary School offers weekly optional guitar and piano lessons for students who are interested in these pursuits.

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