Shirley Choi

At Hughesdale Primary School, we teach Mandarin with mixed pedagogy to suit our students’ learning needs and maximise opportunities for students to experience, and produce the language in and out of classrooms. Students are immersed in Mandarin language with constant interaction with their peers and teachers during the 50mins session. A gradual release of responsibility model is used to empower students and strengthen their capacity to complete learning tasks.

Students experience Mandarin language through a range of activities like drama, games, stories and music. Gesturing and actions help students memorise and apply language spontaneously in different contexts. Students achieve learning goals as they actively seek for support from their teachers and peers in group work.


Throughout the school year, students would be exposed to all five areas of language learning, i.e., reading and viewing, writing, speaking and listening and cultural awareness. They will use Pinyin to interpret, communicate and build their vocabulary and recognition of Chinese characters.


On-going assessments are used to identify learning needs and address different learning styles. Our students have demonstrated talents and interests at various levels. We endeavour to cater for all individuals and achieve fruitful learning results.

Students celebrated the Chinese New Year by making paper crafts. May the Year of the Rat bring you good luck and good fortune.