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Our Staff

Dean Napier, Acting Principal

Acting Principal

Dean Napier

Aaron Richards, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Aaron Richards

Amanda Seach, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal

Amanda Seach

Racheal Oster, Business Manager

Business Manager
Racheal Oster

Gretel Holmes, Library Technician

Library Technician

Gretel Holmes

Debra Round, Administration


Debra Round

Helen Kraloglou, First Aid

First Aid

Helen Kraloglou

Leah Hale, Administration



Leah Hale 

Graeme Renshaw, Buildings and Grounds Manager

Buildings and Grounds Manager

Graeme Renshaw

Nick Lowrie, Phys. Ed.

Physical Education

Nick Lowrie

Leonie Anglim, Visual Art

Visual Art

Leonie Anglim

Nadine D'Monte, Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Nadine D'Monte

Tahn Watson, Languages (French)

Languages (French)

Tahn Watson

Natalie Giacotto, Foundation


Natalie Giaccotto

Nerole Blair, Foundation


Nerole Blair

Jason McDonald, Foundation


Jason McDonald

Morgan Ray, Foundation


Morgan Ray

Alice Williamson, Level 1

Level 1

Alice Williamson

Adam Greene, Level 1

Level 1

Adam Greene

Laura Nolan, Level 1

Level 1

Laura Nolan

Sarah Pincus, Level 1

Level 1

Sarah Pincus

Ashley Carey, Level 2

Level 2

Ashley Carey

Megan Lillingston, Level 2

Level 2

Megan Lillingston

Dani Phillips, Level 2

Level 2

Dani Phillips

Anne Doan, Level 2

Level 2

Anne Doan

Sharon Amiet, Level 3

Level 3

Sharon Amiet

Kim Black, Level 3

Level 3

Kim Black

Belinda Trevaskis, Level 3

Level 3

Belinda Trevaskis

Amy Mulcahy, Level 4

Level 4

Amy Mulcahy

David Meier, Level 4

Level 4

David Meier

Kirby Ryan, Level 4

Level 4

Kirby Ryan

Dave Cooper, Level 5

Level 5

Dave Cooper

Chen Yao, Level 5

Level 5

Chen Yao

Nay Fuller, Level 5

Level 5

Nay Fuller

Robyn Meier, Level 5

Level 5 

Robyn Meier

Rachel Lam, Level 5

Level 5

Rachel Lam

Tom Margary, Level 6

Level 6

Tom Margary

Matt Iaconesso, Level 6

Level 6

Matt Iaconesso

Rebecca Kharsas, Level 6

Level 6

Rebecca Kharsas

Rachel Biddle, Learning Assistant

 Learning Assistant

Rachel Biddle

Tea Nendis, Learning Assistant

 Learning Assistant

Tea Nendis

Deb McIntyre, Learning Assistant

Learning Assistant

Deb McIntyre

Sara Scott, Learning Assistant

Learning Assistant

Sara Scott

Swee Ling, Learning Assistant

 Learning Assistant

Swee Ling

Amber Hill, Learning Assistant

 Learning Assistant

Amber Hill

Arianna McKean, Targeted Student Learning

Targeted Student Learning

Arianna McKean

Brooke Thompson, Targeted Student Learning

Targeted Student Learning

Brooke Thompson

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