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Student Leaders 

Student Leadership 2022

Our students enjoy many aspects of leadership throughout the school. Leadership fosters responsibility and personal growth. We believe that students have a vital role in strengthening the programs the school has to offer. Giving them a sense of ownership and engagement is an important part of the positive relationships formed at Hughesdale Primary School.


School Captain: Kirby Rooney

School Captain: Sarah O'Neill

School Vice Captain: Konstantinos Dimitrakopoulos

School Vice Captain: Cheyanne Tan

Waratah House Captain: Cassandra Yeo

Waratah House Captain: Georgia Fernandez

Waratah House Vice Captain: Acacia Cheng

Waratah House Vice Captain: Evie Gagamanos

Jacaranda House Captain: Sofia Karagounis

Jacaranda House Captain: Jessica Allica

Jacaranda House Vice Captain: Avyana Girotra

Jacaranda House Vice Captain: Archie Heath

Wattle House Captain: Vasa Mitropoulos

Wattle House Captain: Evelyn Bancroft

Wattle House Vice Captain: Alexander Antoniou

Wattle House Vice Captain: Charlie Lumb

Banksia House Captain: Fred Sandow

Banksia House Captain: Timothy O'Neill

Banksia Vice House Captain: Larson Hay

Banksia Vice House Captain: Tahlia Geri

Sports Captain: Ruby Lancaster

Sports Captain: Harley Lancaster

Performing Arts Captain: Jui Mehta

Performing Arts Captain: Shenaya Hettiarachchi

Digital Learning Captain: Ruhaan Baja

Digital Learning Captain: Nick Angelopoulos

Visual Arts Captain: Sienna Garnham

Visual Arts Captain: Rita Smith

Library Captain: Georgia Thompson

Library Captain: Syon Guruprasad

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