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Student Leaders 

Student Leadership 2024

Our students enjoy many aspects of leadership throughout the school. Leadership fosters responsibility and personal growth. We believe that students have a vital role in strengthening the programs the school has to offer. Giving them a sense of ownership and engagement is an important part of the positive relationships formed at Hughesdale Primary School.


School Captain: Bridget L

School Captain: Alex H

School Vice Captain: Aashritha A

School Vice Captain: Adithya G

Waratah House Captain: Jindi R

Waratah House Captain: Ethan W

Jacaranda House Captain: Frankie A

Jacaranda House Vice Captain: Scarlett L

Wattle House Captain: Sofia P

Wattle House Captain: Chloe Z

Banksia House Captain: Finn Lillingston

Banksia House Captain: Michael Denneberg

Sports Captain: Jessica Sandow

Sports Captain: Lewis Corben

Performing Arts Captain: Angelina M

Performing Arts Captain: Violet C

Digital Learning Captain: Sam D

Digital Learning Captain: Alex V

Visual Arts Captain: Zara P

Visual Arts Captain: Maia N

Library Captain: Mary C

Library Captain: Leon D

French Captain: Advitha P

French Captain: Cara E 

Sustainability Captain: Sid M

Sustainability Captain: Caitlin T

RRRR Captain: Zara F

RRRR Captain: Mary C 

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